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This is a brief idea of prices.

One man band:
From creativity to post-production, including pre-production, gear and shooting, I do the one man crew.
You are deeply involved on every step of the project, and you do the actor, lighting assistant, makeup, styling, we shoot in your place and you are cooking for everyone. We do something basic, but working.
Count a minimum of 2,500€, exc. VAT.

Getting serious
For a small project with pre-production, creativity, a small crew and gear, a location with lights and walls, one or two casted actors, and dedicated people in post-production. We do something clean, working, with creativity in it.
Count between 20,000 and 50,000€, exc. VAT

Produced projects 
For a complete creativity and pre-production work, meetings, crew, casting, actors, high-end camera, sound and lighting, stylism and set design, various locations, many days of shooting, street blocking, VFX, tailor made music, editing room, etc. a specific quote needs to be established.
The film will be produced by GANG.
Count at the very least 150 000€ exc. VAT.

To get a quote
please, reach me at

or reach my producer
Dimitri Grimblat at

Do not hesitate to get in touch, I’m always thrilled to work on new projects!

Romain WILLERVAL, réalisateur, Marseille, France.