er. 30 // Faith song - 2017
The er. [n°] serie consists of daily film experiments made during 90 consecutive days in India in 2017. Each film of this serie was created in 4 hours, including going outside, shooting, recording voice(s), coming back home, editing. Each film of this serie explores cinematography through a specific constraint.


To witness faith is a growing experience. It is witnessing something bigger than our own individual presences. At least, I felt that this moment would have happened anyway, with or without me. A groupe of singing women sat, accompanied by a drummer, the songs alternatively led by two singers. They start singing and then enters the drum. The songs followed one each other for nearly two hours.

Lingams and other religious symbols are numerous in this temple of Shiva, closed after hours of the ceremony called Puja.

Film constraint: address a religious subject.