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Hello! I work as a film director, represented by GANG Life, and as an independent photographer and color editor.

I have worked on docs and commercials, mixing the two techniques, for Allianz, Accor, La Poste, ENGIE, Nexity Studéa, ITER and Doordash, among others.

I also have worked for TV
aired on TF1 and TMC, and made frequent incursions into fashion and AR.

More recently, I started to work as a commercial photographer.

Graduated from Sciences Po and EM Grenoble in Innovation Management and Digital Strategy,
I am very much interested into User Research, UX Design and Product Ownership.

Entrepreneur, I am the co-founder of, a small startup providing networking and website building tools to film professionnals.

I am represented and available worldwide
at GANG Life.

You can reach me at or + and reach my producer Dimitri Grimblat at

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Personnal work
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My work process:

• You reach me with a brief, informations about your project, what you want to say, references you like or don’t like and your marketing and communication objectives.
• If you have a budget, you can tell me or, if you think your budget won’t be a stop for creativity, keep it secret.
• I work on a creative proposal, so you get a concept, direction intention and storyboard. I create the planning and quote or, if too complex, I ask my producer at GANG Life to do it.
• We meet, so we can discuss the creative proposal, planning and estimate.
• You give a go / no go.
• We start prepping the project.
• Pre-production meeting: we validate everything that has been prepared.
• We shoot
• We digitalise and securise raw material
• We post-produce
• Post-production meeting: we validate or modify
• Finish: we release what has been created. 

Please, note that while being a freelancer, I consider myself as a member of the teams of my clients,
so you can truly count me by your side, deeply involved to make every project a success.

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